Husker Red Beard Tongue

Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red'

Striking, maroon-red foliage with a dark green underlay distinguishes this Penstemon from other cultivars.  White flowers tinged with pink are borne on strong, upright stems in early summer.

Iris Bearded Variegata Tall

Iris pallida 'Variegata' ('Zebra')

Striking golden variegated foliage with green and creamy yellow stripes. Classic lavender-blue flowers in late spring.

Iris Dwarf Bearded Yellow Miniature

Iris danfordiae

The Dwarf Iris is a cheerful yellow and adds bright early perennial color for any wildflower or rock garden.  They are a delight to see with their sunny cheer in very early spring, often even before the last snow has melted.

Iris Dwarf Blue

Iris prismatica

Elegant light blue violet self with white and yellow highlights.  A rebloomer that is strong and hardy.  Wonderful for cut flowers lasting a week or more. 

Iris Dwarf Boo

Iris Dwarf 'Boo'

The 'Boo' Dwarf Bearded Iris blooms slightly earlier than the normal bearded iris and grows to a cute, petite size that is sure to surprise you! Its white falls are adorned by dark purple splashes.

Iris Dwarf Fireplace Embers

Iris Dwarf 'Fireplace Embers'

Fireplace Embers Iris features showy yellow flag-like flowers with burgundy falls at the ends of the stems in mid spring. The flowers are excellent for cutting. It's sword-like leaves remain green in color throughout the season.

Iris Dwarf Smart Violet

Iris Dwarf 'Smart Violet'

Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris 'Smart' has rich violet petals with a dark purple-black center on the falls. It flowers in early spring and grows 13 to 15" high so makes a great border plant.

Iris Dwarf White Ivory

Iris Dwarf 'White Ivory'

Very small, extremely early flowering, fragrant iris that are perfect for forcing, rock gardens, woodlands, fronts of borders or creative 'lawn art'; performs well in all types of soil as long as it's well-drained; late winter to early spring; bulb size 6+cm unless noted otherwise.

Iris German Bearded Blue Breakers

Iris German Bearded 'Blue Breakers'

A classic blue iris in color, 'Breakers' boasts of ruffled, wavy edges.  Blooms in late spring and early summer and in most climates it will rebloom again in fall.

Iris German Bearded Rare Treat

Iris German Bearded 'Rare Treat'

Thinly edged in rippling, deep violet-blue, the ice-white blossoms of bearded iris 'Rare Treat' are a truly striking addition to the garden. This eye-catching beauty presents its unique blooms atop tall, graceful stems in mid-spring.

Iris German Bearded Avalon Sunset

Iris German Bearded 'Avalon Sunset'

Iris 'Avalon Sunset' is a fragrant, vibrant orange tall bearded iris with bright tangerine beards and heavily ruffled, flaring falls on 36" stems.

Iris German Bearded Brown Cherokee Heritage

Iris x germanica 'Cherokee Heritage'

A Bearded Iris with earthy brown and yellow standards and cinnamon-dotted brown and yellow falls.

Iris German Bearded Cinnamon Girl

Iris germanica 'Cinnamon Girl'

The standards of this Iris are rose colored, falls are off white with a cinnamon colored border.

Iris German Bearded Interpol

Iris, Germanica 'Interpol'

One of the most widely grown perennials. Plant in any sunny, well-drained location. Stunning velvet purple with white falls.

Iris German Bearded Lullaby of Spring

Iris germanica 'Lullaby of Spring'

'Lullaby of Spring' a tall bearded iris blooms with light yellow standards, yellow beards and mauve falls.

Iris German Bearded Magical Encounter Pink

Iris German Bearded 'Magical Encounter Pink'

Non-fading intense pink bloom color with shrimp-pink tones, and a bright salmon-pink beard. Well-branched with excellent bud count.

Iris German Bearded Pride of Ireland

Iris 'Pride of Ireland'

Crisp greenish blooms for St. Patrick's Day. Buds are dark green, open blooms chartreuse to light lime or yellow! Light yellow falls, awash with pale green, sport darker green undersides that show brilliantly in bud.

Iris German Bearded Raspberry Blush

Iris germanica 'Raspberry Blush'

Mauve or rose-pink blooms appear on this Iris mid to late season.

Iris German Bearded Rock Star

Iris germanica 'Rock Star'

Raspberry rose standards and apricot falls edged and speckled in deep rose emerge in early June, then rebloom in the early fall.

Iris German Bearded Spiced Custard

Iris germanica 'Spiced Custard'

Spiced Custard's unique combination of colors has made it an instant success. Its creamy yellow standards nicely complement its burnt orange falls. Bright orange beards add the spice to these moderately sized flowers.

Iris German Bearded Summer Olympics

Iris Bearded German 'Summer Olympics'

A beautifully ruffled yellow iris!  Soft yellow standards and light yellow falls centered in white around a brighter yellow beard.  As fragrant as it is beautiful, 'Summer Olympics' is a must for any iris lover!

Iris German Bearded White

Iris germanica 'White'

Add a touch of elegance and style to your borders with this radiant angelic white Iris. These orchid-like blooms are mildly fragrant and make exceptional cut flowers for indoor bouquets.

Iris German Bearded White Lacy Snowflake

Iris 'Lacy Snowflake'

Large flowers are pure white, ruffled, fluted and laced with a yellow beard.

Iris Siberian Butter and Sugar

Iris sibirica 'Butter and Sugar'

Creamy white standards and butter-yellow falls, both with greenish yellow veins. Excellent flower form. Blooms in early summer with a possible rebloom later in the season.

Iris Siberian Caesar's Brother

Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Brother'

Deep purple self; yellow and white blaze with black veining. One of the oldest but still one of the best Siberians. Blooms profusely in early summer.

Iris Siberian Eric the Red

Iris sibirica 'Eric the Red'

This tall Siberian iris produces dark red flowers in late spring on rigid stems which rise to 40" high above a clump of arching, narrow, grass-like, linear leaves.

Iris Siberian Lady Vanessa

Iris sibirica 'Lady Vanessa'

This tall Siberian iris produces flowers with ruffled, red-violet falls and light purple standards in late spring on rigid stems which rise high above a clump of arching, narrow, grass-like leaves. Clumps will grow together and snuff out weeds. After bloom, the vase-shaped foliage will retain its green color into the fall. Excellent cut flower, but lasts only 2 days.

Iris Siberian Pink Haze

Iris sibirica 'Pink Haze'

Warm lavender-pink self, fine white-edged falls, and a crimson blaze.

Iris Siberian Ruffled Velvet

Iris sibirica 'Ruffled Velvet'

Red-purple standards, darker purple, velvety falls, and a black and gold blaze. Blooms in early summer.

Iris Siberian Snow Queen

Iris Sibirica 'Snow Queen'

Snow Queen brings regal white touched with golden yellow as its graceful contribution to the delight of your garden.

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