Ligularia Dark Beauty

Ligularia dentata 'Dark Beauty'

Large, glossy, heart-shaped, deep-purple leaves and from mid-summer to early autumn, bears orange, daisy-like flowers on slender stems.

Ligularia Desdemona

Ligularia dentata 'Desdemona'

The most striking feature of 'Desdemona' is the foliage. In spring, the new leaves emerge beet-red, fade to greenish-bronze on top, and remain purple on the undersides. The stems are even purple too! In late summer, golden yellow, daisy-like flowers are produced just above the compact mound of foliage.

Ligularia Little Rocket

Ligularia 'Little Rocket'

Beginning in midsummer, a profusion of bright yellow flower spikes rocket above the foliage, creating quite a spectacle.

Ligularia Midnight Lady

Ligularia dentata 'Midnight Lady'

Sometimes called Elephant Ears, this is a bold specimen perennial that needs a moist location. It forms a mound of large, rounded, dark, shiny purple-black leaves. Taller stems appear in midsummer, bearing clusters of bright golden-orange daisy flowers. Superb for the back of the border, or at the waterside. An unusual centerpiece for a tub or large container. Both the flowers and leaves are great for cutting.

Ligularia Othello

Ligularia dentata 'Othello'

This plants best features include big, bold foliage with purple tones to the undersides of the leaves and stems. Blooms in late summer to early fall with large orange, daisy-like flowers that rise above the large mound of foliage.

Ligularia Przewalskii

Ligularia przewalskii

Stately yellow flower spikes on slender black stems tower above the handsome, dark green foliage of this elegant Chinese native. Impressive yet undemanding.

Ligularia The Rocket

Ligularia 'Stenocephala'

Large, light green leaves form a foliage mound that is attractive even when the flowers are not in bloom. Small, bright, lemon yellow, daisy-like flowers appear in dense racemes in mid-summer atop thick, purplish flower spikes towering above the foliage to 4' tall.

Lily Asiatic Bright Pixie

Lilium asiatica 'Bright Pixie'

Bright yellow flowers with tiny center spots on tall stems above green, lance-like leaves.

Lily Asiatic Disco

Lilium asiatica 'Disco'

Deep lilac-pink flowers on tall stems above green, lance-like leaves. Creates a profusion of these upward-facing blooms.

Lily Asiatic Dreamcatcher

Lilium asiatica 'Dreamcatcher'

Deep pink trumpet-shaped flowers are sweetly fragrant. Upward-facing blooms on sturdy stems that do not require staking.

Lily Asiatic El Grado

Lilium asiatica 'El Grado'

One of the most popular miniatures. Absolutely beautiful deep lavender center that fades lighter color to the edge of each petal. Long lasting, multiple non fragrant blooms.

Lily Asiatic Horizon

Lilium asiatica 'Horizon'

Clear orange flowers on tall stems above green, lance-like leaves.

Lily Asiatic Lollipop

Lilium asiatica 'Lollipop

Unscented flowers are horizontally held and range from beautiful shades of pink to brilliant white with dark magenta spots. Blooms late spring to early summer.

Lily Golden Joy

Lilium 'Golden Joy'

The brilliant Asiatic lily 'Golden Joy' has big upward-facing golden flowers with light speckling and deep orange-red centers. This compact selection produces blooms from early to midsummer and is ideal for container culture.

Lily of the Valley

Convallaria majalis

A charming, old-fashioned favorite. Arching racemes of pendulous, bell-shaped, pure white flowers appear in spring and last for several weeks. These blooms are very fragrant; they are even used in making perfume! Tiny orange berries follow the flowers.

Lily Oriental Space Star

Lilium 'Space Star'

The tall Oriental lily 'Space Star' bears an abundance of deep ruby red flowers with darker red speckles and clear white edges. This bold summer bloomer has intensely fragrant flowers that are perfect for cutting.

Lily Oriental Stargazer

Lilium 'Stargazer'

A favorite Oriental lily for decades, 'Stargazer' boasts large, superbly fragrant crimson blossoms with white edges and dark pink speckles.

Lily Oriental White Stargazer

Lilium 'White Stargazer'

An all-new variety of the ever-popular Stargazer Lily! The White Stargazer Lily has pure white blossoms and a delightful fragrance make this Oriental Lily stand out from others.

Lily Sunny Sulawesi

Lilium 'Sunny Sulawesi'

Pure white Oriental lily, early blooming and fragrant, perfect for planting with 'Casablanca' and other white lilies for succession of bloom in your "moon garden".

Lily Tango Push Off

Lilium 'Push Off'

In summer, 'Tango Push Off' bears huge, white flowers so heavily peppered with dark burgundy blotches that the white only appears at the tips of the tepals. This bold Asiatic lily is ideal for any sunny flower garden.

Lobelia Great Blue

Lobelia siphilitica

Dense spikes of light to bright blue tubular, two-lipped flowers with a more prominent lower lip. Blooms from late summer to fall.

Lobelia Queen Victoria Cardinal Flower

Lobelia fulgens 'Queen Victoria'

The most popular cardinal flower available! 'Queen Victoria' differs from the species in its vigor, tremendous flower output, and leaf color. Brilliant red flower spikes stand tall above the reddish-bronze foliage from late summer through fall.

Loosestrife White Gooseneck

Lysimachia clethroides

Slender, white flowers curved like a goose's neck are produced in abundance from mid to late summer. Unique to this perennial, most all of the flowers point in the same direction, as if they were a flock of geese following the leader.

Lungwort Bertram Anderson

Pulmonaria longifolia 'Bertram Anderson'

Outstanding for mass plantings! Be dazzled by a sea of gentian blue flowers emerging from fuschia buds in late spring. Like other P. longifolia, 'Bertram Anderson' has long, narrow leaves heavily spotted with silver, and it tends to bloom a couple of weeks later than other species.

Lungwort Cotton Cool

Pulmonaria 'Cotton Cool'

'Cotton Cool' is a mounding variety that features silver leaves with white blotching and blue flowers. Silvery leaves have white blotching. Drooping clusters of funnel-shaped flowers appear on short stalks just above the foliage in spring. Flowers emerge pink but mature to blue, with pink and blue flowers often simultaneously present on blooming plants.

Lungwort Diana Claire

Pulmonaria longifolia 'Diana Clare'

This is a low mounding plant with coarse, spade-shaped foliage. Pulmonaria 'Diane Clare' has beautiful wavy, shimmery, silver leaves with light green splashes throughout. As one of the earliest spring perennial bloomers, this variety produces clusters of little bell-shaped blooms of varying blue and rosey-purple shades close to the foliage.

Lungwort Dora Bielefeld

Pulmonaria saccharata 'Dora Bielefeld'

Coral pink flowers with well developed spotted leaves. Best in moist shade in most humus-rich soils including clay.

Lungwort Majeste'

Pulmonaria 'Majeste'

Large silvery-gray leaves with a very narrow green edging. Drooping clusters of bluish-pink, funnel-shaped flowers bloom on short stalks just above the foliage in spring.

Lungwort Mrs. Moon

Pulmonaria saccharata 'Mrs. Moon'

A tried and true variety, 'Mrs. Moon' has been delighting gardeners for years with its magenta-pink buds that open to bright blue bell-shaped flowers. Instinctively mounded, silver spotted foliage.

Lungwort Sissinghurst White

Pulmonaria 'Sissinghurst White'

Silvery-white spotted leaves. Drooping clusters of funnel-shaped, white flowers bloom on short stalks just above the foliage in spring. Flowers typically age to pink.

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