Creeping Phlox Drummon's Pink

Phlox subulata 'Drummon's pink'

The best pink of the subulata species, 'Drummons Pink' is a welcome surprise in hidden nooks and crannies. Its spreading, matted form creates a carpet of pink flowers over tiny, deep green, needle-like leaves that are evergreen.

Creeping Phlox Emerald Pink

Phlox subulata 'Emerald Pink'

'Emerald Pink' is a long-flowering, pink selection with a compact habit. It puts on a beautiful show of color to brighten up the springtime!

Creeping Phlox Purple Beauty

Phlox subulata 'Purple Beauty'

The darkest purple variety available. Shallowly notched petals. Tough evergreen ground cover for hot dry areas. Cut back after flowering.

Creeping Phlox Red

Phlox subulata

Striking pinkish-crimson flowers with a dark red center which blanket the foliage in late spring. It makes a tremendous color impact which can be seen from quite a distance.

Creeping Phlox White

Phlox subulata

Large, pure white flowers that blanket the foliage in late spring. White has a cool and calming effect in the garden. Use it to tone down more intense, saturated colors.

Crimson Fans

Mukdenia 'Crimson Fans'

Crimson Fans is "fanned" with sharply lobed leaves that emerge dark green with bronze hues before maturing with bright red streaks by summer. Delicate white bell-shaped flowers in spring add to the lovely color display.

Crystal Blue Salvia

salvia nem color spire 'Crystal Blue'

Crystal Blue Salvia is an incredibly unique light sky blue, a cool shade perfectly fitting for a perennial that blooms relatively early in the season.

Cupid's Dart Catanache

Catanache caerula

Daisy-like, papery, lavender-blue flowers are borne singly on bare stems from mid to late summer. These stems arise from a neat mound of long, narrow leaves that are 8-12 inches long and have a woolly texture.

Cushion Spurge

Euphorbia polychroma

This is a great sunny, spring color splash for your garden!  The cushion-like, perfectly dome-shaped plant is topped with chrome-yellow blooms.  If sited correctly, the leaves will turn red in the fall. 

Dark Towers Beardtongue

Penstemon beardtongue 'Dark Towers'

Dark Towers retains its dark wine red foliage throughout the season and produces pale pink tubular flowers that extended above the foliage. Adds rich color.

Delphinium Black Knight Pacific Giants

Delphinium elatum 'Pacific Giants Black Knight'

Beautiful spire-like deep blue flowers
 on tall, strong stems.   'Black Knight' has been a favorite of perennial gardeners for years.

Delphinium Cherry Blossom Magic Fountains

Delphinium elatum Magic Fountains 'Cherry Blossom'

Pink flowers with pale yellow centers crowd all along the flower stalk for a very bushy, colorful effect.  A good choice for the front of the border or for smaller gardens, where vertical color without too much height is appreciated! Magic Fountain blooms in early to midsummer.

Delphinium Dark Blue with Dark Bee Magic Fountains

Delphinium elatum 'Magic Fountains Dark Blue with Dark Bee'

Rich blue blooms with a dark blue bee.  Saturated with deep blue color, the flowers crowd all along the spike for a very bushy, colorful affect!  A mini Delphinium that is an attention-getter and never needs staking!  Magic Fountain blooms in early to midsummer.

Delphinium Dark Blue with White Bee Magic Fountains

Delphinium elatum 'Magic Fountains Dark Blue with White Bee'

Quality, upright dark blue flowers with white centers appear in early to midsummer, creating an eye-catching scene in your small garden or border!  Saturated with deep blue, the flowers crowd all along the spike for a very bushy, colorful effect.  A mini Delphinium that is an attention-getter and never needs staking!  Magic Fountain blooms in early to midsummer.

Delphinium King Arthur Pacific Giants

Delphinium 'Pacific Giants King Arthur'

Rich, deep, royal-violet flowers with a contrasting white bee, crowd along the tall spikes for a stunning affect in your garden!  Blooming in early to mid summer delphiniums are the perfect choice for a bright splash of color early in the season.

Delphinium Lavender with White Bee Magic Fountains

Delphinium elatum 'Magic Fountains Lavender with White Bee'

A spike crowded full of gentle, lavender blue flowers captures your landscape with its beauty throughout the summer. 

Delphinium Lilac Pink Magic Fountains

Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Lilac Pink'

Soft lilac-pink flowers packed tightly against strong spikes, appear in early or midsummer.  This old fashioned beauty is a dwarf variety and casts a glowing pink spell over your garden! 

Delphinium Sky Blue Magic Fountains

Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Sky Blue'

Softly colored sky blue flowers crowd tightly along the spikes for a striking picture!   Perfect as a cut flower or for a colorful and lovely addition to any border. 

Delphinium Summer Blues Dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum 'Summer Blues'

This dwarf sized beauty puts on a spectacular show from early summer to fall, with soft sky blue flowers which cover the lacy leaves.

Delphinium Summer Morning Dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum 'Summer Morning'

This dwarf sized beauty puts on a spectacular show from early summer to fall, with romantic light pink flowers which cover the lacy leaves!

Delphinium Summer Nights Dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum 'Summer Nights'

This little dwarf sized beauty puts on a spectacular show from early summer to fall, with satiny midnight blue flowers which cover the lacy leaves.  A vibrant splash of color to liven up your garden for most of the summer!

Delphinium Summer Stars

Delphinium 'Summer Stars'

White, star shaped flowers burst into bloom in early to midsummer and continue to grace your garden with their charm through the heat of the summer.

Delphinium White with Dark Bee Magic Fountains

Delphinium 'Magic Fountains White with Dark Bee'

White flowers with dark centers are densely packed along the spike for a colorful splash! Very striking.

Dessert Wild Geum

Geum 'Dessert Wild'

This Geum, Dessert Wild, is an HGTV exclusive perennial. Bright red with burnt orange blooms on red stems. Blooming starts in late spring to early summer.

Dianthus Amazon Neon Duo

Dianthus barbatus 'Amazon Neon'

Vivid blossoms of cherry red or magenta bloom atop strong stems.  The dark green, glossy foliage sets off the vibrant colored flowers.

Dianthus Arctic Fire

Dianthus deltoides 'Arctic Fire'

A profuse bloomer, 'Arctic Fire' produces frilly white, serrated petals surrounded by a deep fiery fuschia eye. The dark green foliage forms a lush mat that is choice for a groundcover or a dense edger.   Blooms early summer and a less profuse bloom in mid fall.

Dianthus Barbarini Purple Picotee

Dianthus barbatus 'Barbarini Purple Picotee'

Large fragrant clusters of raspberry-purple flowers with white eyes and fringed white margins appear from late spring to midsummer.

Dianthus Barbarini Red Picotte

Dianthus barbatus 'Barbarini Red Picotte'

Attractive, red blooms that add color to your garden all season! This dwarf plant is a great specimen for the front of the garden, or in a mixed container.

Dianthus Black King Carnation

Dianthus caryophyllaceae grenadin 'Black King'

Plush as black velvet, the double, fringed flowers of 'Black King' are as deep of a red as you'll find among the carnations. The showy, clove-scented flowers rise on 2 foot stems in summer above clumps of blue-green leaves.

Dianthus Bouquet Purple

Dianthus 'Bouquet Purple'

A lightly scented, lavender blossom appears on long, straight stems above the lush, green foliage. 

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