Arrow Head - Bronze

Sagittaria australis 'Silk Stockings'

Beautiful bronze leaves are darkest in spring. distinctive arrow shaped leaves. White apple blossom type flowers.

Arrow Head

Sagittaria latifolia

Native wetland plant. Bold and distinctive arrow shaped leaves. White apple blossom-like flowers on arching stems.

Arum Arrow

Peltandra virginica

Flowers a re light yellow-green with arrowhead shaped leaves that are typically 10-12" long.

Banana Tree - Dwarf

Musa acuminata 'Dwarf Cavendish'

Wonderful dwarf banana with exotic broad green leaves. Great as specimen for back of edge of pond.

Ben Gibson Hardy Lotus

Lotus 'Ben Gibson'

Outstanding medium to large variety with fully double pink peony like flowers.

Black Knight Canna

Canna red dwf.

Deep maroon foliage and velvety deep red blooms in July and August.

Calla Lily

Zantedeschia aethiopica

Graceful large white Calla flowers cover the plant all summer. Gorgeous glossy green foliage.

Canna - Bronze Water Canna

Canna Species 'australis'

One of the most attractive Cannas with dark burgundy leaves and red flowers in abundance. Awesome!

Canna - Hardy Canna

Thalia dealbata

Purple flowers clustered in bracts on top of graceful stems. Large blue-green leaves. Stunning!

Canna, Endeavor

Canna 'Endeavor"

Soft stipled raspberry red flowers and narrow blue-green foliage. Grows well in ground, as a marginal, on in a pot set in several inches of water. Slender graceful canna.

Canna, Erebus

Canna 'Erebus'

Lovely salmon pink flowers above slender blue-green foliage. Shorter and more compact than the other Longwood aquatics. Grows well in ground, as a marginal,and in a pot set in several inches of water.

Canna, Variegated Water

Canna Species 'Pretoria'

Huge melon-orange blooms. Striking foliage is zebra striped in yellow and green. Outstanding accent in the garden or container.

Canna, Yellow Variegated

Canna 'Minerva'


Canna 'Stuttgart'

Grows vigorously. Bold green and white patterns make a stunning centerpiece in any landscape.

Cattail - Narrow - Leaved

Typha angustifolia

Slender graceful leaves and long narrow chocolate brown cattails. Largest cattail available.

Cattail - Variegated

Typha latifolia 'Variegata'

Captivating green and white striped leaves with cinnamon brown cattails. Slower growth that other varieties.

Chameleon Plant

Houttuynia cordata 'varigata'

Excellent ground or edge cover. Mosaic crimson-blue-green-cream colored leaves change with varying light conditions.

Charles Thomas Hardy Lotus

Lotus 'Charles Thomas'

Medium pink changing to lavender pink. Dwarf ideal for medium to small ponds.

Creeping Buttercup

Ranunculus repens 'Buttered Popcorn'

Dense creeping ground cover with chartreuse and gold leaves. Bright yellow flowers in spring.

Egyptian Papyrus

Cyperus papyrus

The Dwarf Papyrus, also known as the Dwarf Egyptian Papyrus is an excellent marshy plant in small pools or when kept as a houseplant. It is the dwarf variety of the Giant Papyrus, and has strong stems reaching up to 30 inches tall with tufted umbrella-like foliage on the end. The tufts are yellow-green and turn a rich bronze in late summer.

Empress Hardy Lotus

Lotus 'Empress'

This variety bears pure white flowers, with the edges of the petals striped and tipped with red. It is a vigorous grower and the blooms, which last well when cut, are fragrant.

Florence Vaughn Canna

Canna. spp.

Dynamic orange with yellow edgted blooms, good in large ponds and protected corners.


Elodea candensis

The foliage lives entirely underwater but does have dainty white blooms that float on the water's surface. Excellent oxygenator.


Ceratophyllum demersum

Found in ponds, marshes, and quiet streams. Used for their appearance and their high oxygen production.


Equisetum hyemale 'Horsetail'

This slender bamboo like bog perennial has no leaves. Hollow stems have a rough surface and remain green all year.

Iris - water iris varigated

Iris laevigata 'Variegata'

This stunning water iris boasts wide cream and white striped leaves that hold their color all year.

Iris, Japanese Iris

Iris ensata 'variegata'

This variegated Japanese Iris will brighten any garden with blue flowers in the spring and colorful foliage throughout the season.

Iris, Louisianna

Iris, Louisiana 'Black Gamecock'

Depth level 1-2. Flourishes in wet soils. Deep rich purple petals.

Joe Pye Weed

Eupatorium maculatum 'Baby Joe'

A native from Maine to South Carolina. This plant has 2' stems with large globe-like lavender flowers. Blooms summer into fall.

King Humbert Canna

Canna. spp.

The tall stature and larger green-purple leaves make this an excellent background or landscaping plant.

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