2015 Hosta of the Year

Hosta Victory

Proven and Hardy!

This is a giant cultivar introduced by Q & Z Nursery in Illinois in 2003 that makes a dramatic statement in the landscape when mature. A sport of 'Elatior', it has smooth and shiny green leaves that start out with about ½ inch wide yellow-chartreuse margins that fade to pale yellow or cream over the course of the season. The heart-shaped leaves are up to a foot long with wavy margins and prominent veins that produce a corrugated look. Although it is vigorous, with a slow to medium growth rate, like many large hostas, 'Victory' takes some years to develop the huge leaves and distinctive variegation characteristic of the cultivar.

The foliage of 'Victory' is slug resistant.The dense foliage is somewhat upright, with a vase shape early in the season, spreading out to form a very large mound 28-32 inches high and 4-6 feet wide after many years. It makes a great specimen, or works well as a background plant with other smaller hostas and shade-loving plants, providing beautiful medium texture for contrast with finer or coarser plants. The leaves have good substance, making this cultivar fairly slug resistant.

In midsummer almost white to very pale lavender tubular flowers appear on exceptionally long, arching scapes that can grow 6-7 feet tall on large specimens.