Bella Anna Hydrangea

Newest edition to the Endless Summer collection!

Say hello to Bella Anna, the newest addition to the Endless Summer Collection™, a remarkable reblooming magenta-pink Hydrangea Arborescens ('Annabelle').

This hydrangea is a color breakthrough for Hydrangea arborescens and the newest addition to the Endless Summer® Collection. This arborescens blooms from summer, through fall, just like the other hydrangeas in this extraordinary collection.

Bella Anna features a strong stem to support the weight of the beautiful magenta-pink blooms, ensuring each one stands tall and proud.

Over 50 'Annabelles' were painstakingly tested, before discovering one great enough to be inducted into the Endless Summer Collection. Like the rest of the Endless Summer Collection, Bella Anna is easy to grow and performs effortlessly.

Now available at K&K Gardens, along with the other Endless Summer Collection.

Bella Anna Hydrangea