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Plant Information

Information for all our gardeners and plant enthusiasts. The documents cover everything from plants who live well in shaded areas to the possible salt tolerance of different plants. [Read More]

Daylily Terminology

Learn about the terminology of daylilies to better discuss and understand them! Browse the list below and feel free to ask us questions.Bloom Size: The diameter of the open bloom.Blooming Habit: Most daylilies bloom for a single day beginning in the morning and closing in the evening.Diurnal Habit: Normal daylily blooming habit.Extended Habit: The bloom … [Read More]

2020 Perennial of the Year

Common name: Golden Japanese Spikenard Looking for something uniquely different for shade? Try this tropical-looking golden beauty with large compound leaves that measure up to 3 feet long! An excellent complement to hostas and woodland perennials, ‘Sun King’ emerges mid-spring with bright gold leaves held on nicely contrasting reddish brown stems. If given at least … [Read More]

2020 Hosta of the Year – Dancing Queen

Unlike other yellow hostas which emerge or turn chartreuse, ‘Dancing Queen' emerges bright yellow and remains yellow all season long. The large leaves have a prominent pie crust edge, adding even more pizzazz to this colorful hosta. In mid to late summer, the foliage lightens to soft yellow and the clump is topped with pale … [Read More]

Plant of the Week

Paeonia tenuifolia 'Rubra Flora Plena' This classic peony is cherished for its delicate fern-like foliage that sets it apart from all other peonies. Blooms a week earlier than most other peonies. Double red flowers really stand out against the foliage. [Read More]