Hosta of the Year

Dancing Queen

This attractive selection features broad, wedge-shaped leaves of a bright yellow with a wonderful rippled edge. Lavender flowers top the vigorous clump in midsummer.

World Cup

2018 Hosta of the year! 'World Cup'Deeply cupped gold leaves reach up to the sky. Corrugated leaves have nice white backsides that stand out due to the upright habit.This hosta has everything! Interesting habit with cupped and corrugated bright gold leaves. Pale purple flowers in summer.[H. 'Komodo Dragon' x H. 'Superbowl']Color: Gold. Size: Possibility of … [Read More]

Rainforest Sunrise

Our 'Rainforest Sunrise' Hosta has light green leaves in Spring that quickly gain bright gold centers with dark green margins. Upright growth habit.The thick slug resistant leaves are heavily corrugated and deeply cupped.We have a clump of this beautiful hosta in our garden that customers always gawk at. Our clump measured 14" tall after 4 … [Read More]

Curly Fries

2016 Hosta of the Year!  One of K&K's favorite small hosta!This irresistible miniature to small sized hosta is the perfect accompaniment for bright blue hostas like 'Prairie Sky', especially when planted together in containers or near the front of the border.  It forms an arching, wiggly clump of extremely rippled, narrow leaves.  Position this hosta … [Read More]

Lakeside Paisley Print

This stunning hosta produces heart-shaped leaves with very wide, wavy, green margins. The narrow, creamy white markings in the center of the leaves shoot out from the cream colored petioles in a feathery pattern. [Read More]

Brother Stefan

Beautiful gold-centered leaves are framed by a wide medium green border. In spring a glacous waxy coating makes the green margin look more blue and the center more chartreuse. [Read More]


This tetraploid version of Hosta 'Sagae' makes a stunning semi-upright clump. The extraordinarily thick, dark green leaves are edged with an astonishingly wide, golden yellow border, changing to cream in summer. In early summer, the slow-growing clumps are topped with spikes of lavender flowers.

First Frost

This Patricia Scolnik discovery adds a nice creamy-yellow margin to the attractive blue leaves of the parent. The result is a wide clump of attractive blue leaves with a border of creamy yellow that ages to white by season's end. The clumps are topped with tall scapes of light lavender in mid-summer. [Read More]


An amazing sport of the giant Hosta Nigrescens Elatior. The huge mounds of attractive green foliage edged in creamy white margins are complimented with dove white flowers. [Read More]