Hosta of the Year

2020 Hosta of the Year – Dancing Queen

Unlike other yellow hostas which emerge or turn chartreuse, ‘Dancing Queen' emerges bright yellow and remains yellow all season long. The large leaves have a prominent pie crust edge, adding even more pizzazz to this colorful hosta. In mid to late summer, the foliage lightens to soft yellow and the clump is topped with pale … [Read More]

2019 Hosta of the Year

Introduced in 2011, hosta 'Lakeside Paisley Print' features heart-shaped, wavy, green leaves of better than average substance. It is the interesting markings in the center of the leaves that makes this one so alluring. Narrow creamy white markings run down the center of the leaves and fan out in a feathery pattern. Cream petioles. This … [Read More]

2018 Hosta of the Year

Mature Size: 30" tall x 48" wide. Deeply cupped gold leaves reach up to the sky. Corrugated leaves have nice white backsides that stand out due to the upright habit. This hosta has everything! Interesting habit with cupped and corrugated bright gold leaves. Pale purple flowers in summer. Giant Hosta Cultivar H. 'Komodo Dragon' × … [Read More]

2017 Hosta of the Year

Beautiful gold-centered leaves are framed by a wide medium green border. In spring a glacous waxy coating makes the green margin look more blue and the center more chartreuse. Slug-resistant thick leaves have great substance and are nicely corrugated. Clump can reach 3' across and is topped with white flowers in late spring. The margin … [Read More]

2016 Hosta of the Year

Curly Fries is the American Hosta Grower's Association HOSTA OF THE YEAR in 2016. Known for its narrow, rippled gold 7" long by 1.5" wide rippled blade makes it an impressive smaller hosta for the garden, or container. It is a seedling of H. 'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake' from hybridizer Bob Solberg of Franklinton, NC. This … [Read More]

2015 Hosta of the Year

Proven and Hardy! This is a giant cultivar introduced by Q & Z Nursery in Illinois in 2003 that makes a dramatic statement in the landscape when mature. A sport of 'Elatior', it has smooth and shiny green leaves that start out with about ½ inch wide yellow-chartreuse margins that fade to pale yellow or … [Read More]

2014 Hosta of the Year

This west coast creation features an interesting round, puckered, intensely cupped-shaped leaf. In fact, no other hosta boasts such deeply cupped leaves. White medium bell-shaped flowers appear in June and July. This is a distinct cultivar, and is a wonderful hosta to use as a specimen plant. Large, blue, and requires mostly full shade. [Read More]

2013 Hosta of the Year

H. Rainforest Sunrise This charming small hosta is a sport of 'Maui Buttercups'. Each thick gold leaf is margined by a nice dark green edge. Pale lavender flowers top the clump in early summer. Leaves are solid light green when emerging late spring. They then quickly develop dramatic dark green borders and radiant gold centers. … [Read More]

2012 Hosta of the Year

H. Liberty This sport of 'Sagae' features a wider, more dramatic border, especially noticeable on younger plants. The leaves are thicker than 'Sagae', indicating its probability of being a polyploid. Like 'Sagae', the yellow margin fades to creamy-white later in the season. Lavender flowers top the clump in early summer. [Read More]

2011 Hosta of the Year

H. Praying Hands The upright narrow leaves of 'Praying Hands' gives it an unusual look like no other hosta. Each green leaf is rolled and folded into a tube shape, displaying the prominent veins on the back of the leaf. A thin white margin borders the outside edge of the leaf. Certainly a collector's hosta … [Read More]