K&K Customer Survey

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Garden Pole Workshop

We have added another garden pole painting workshop on June 30, 2019 at 11 AM. Due to numerous requests, we have added another workshop at K&K Gardens. Participants will paint a cedar wooden pole, measuring 4” x 4” x 2’. Posts will already be stenciled, and ready for you to paint with the colors you … [Read More]

K&K Gardens’ Text Club

We know how it is, you give out your phone and email to a company and they won’t stop sending you content. Are you afraid to join our text club for fear of getting too many emails? Don’t worry; we will not bombard your phone regularly with unnecessary text messages. What content will be sent? … [Read More]

Get Social with Us

Follow Our Social Media Accounts People of all ages are active on multiple social media platforms. It’s how we learn about events, companies and stay in touch with friends and family. K&K Gardens is making a pledge to utilize our social media accounts more than we have in the past. We think you’ll like the … [Read More]

K&K Garden’s New Site

Welcome to the New K&K Gardens’ Website K&K Gardens has ushered in a new era with a fully redesigned website for 2019. We knew it was important to make our site easily accessible for everyone regardless of what device they were using to visit us. The deciding factor came when we learned that “52.2 percent … [Read More]