K&K Customer Survey

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Journal Entry by Keith Kovarik
During the past twenty three years, I have had the opportunity to employ a diverse group of people. Young, old, middle aged, retired, part time, seasonal, and full time; these staff have always taken pride in their work. They have been caring, respectful, and (hardly) ever complained, when faced with difficult or laborious tasks.

Whether they worked for K&K one week, or five years, I always requested the same from each and every staff member.

The #1 goal of K&K Gardens is to be the most premier destination garden center in the Midwest. A place, people make a deliberate attempt to visit. A place where people want to bring their children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, and even their pets. A place, after returning home, with a car packed full of plants, they brag to their neighbors "you must go to K&K Gardens, you won't believe what they have".

I compare this goal, to a strong value. If you value something with your whole heart, it is possible to attain the goal, but it is impossible to achieve it. Achieving it, would mean you can quit once accomplished.

This is the same philosophy I instill in my business plan. I want to continue striving towards my goal (value) of providing customers with the most premier destination garden center in the Midwest. Without such value, I lose interest, my staff loses interest, customers lose interest, and, well, the rest is history. This very scenario happens way too often in today's small business world.

Although this isn't the scenario for K&K Gardens (at least I hope not), my plan is to continue striving for the best.

Here is where I would like your assistance.

Every business, large or small, needs to take time, and ask customers for their opinion. What do you want? What do you see (good or bad)? What can K&K do to become more attractive to potential customers, or to keep current customers? Is there something we've changed over the years you feel should be implemented again? Is our location keeping potential customers from visiting K&K Gardens? All these questions and more are important to the continued success of K&K Gardens.

What I ask, is if you could please take a few minutes, and complete our online survey. Many questions allow you to add text, instead of only selecting an option. We appreciate input from you, so please include text if possible. Nobody will be hunted down, penalized for being critical, or banned from K&K Gardens. If critical will help us improve, then please, be critical. If we are doing something good, please include that too.

We are hoping 500 people will complete this survey. If that happens, ten random people will each receive a $20 gift card. That makes the odds of winning very good.

Click the link to complete the survey.

Thank you for making K&K Gardens a premier destination garden center.