2021 Garden Video

2021 Garden Video

The K&K Garden team has put together a video of the 2021 gardens so you can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of our inspiring gardens. Remember, there’s nothing better than seeing the gardens in person! We cannot wait to welcome you to our lush and vibrant space. [Read More]

Plant Information

Information for all our gardeners and plant enthusiasts. The documents cover everything from plants who live well in shaded areas to the possible salt tolerance of different plants. Plants for Shady Sites Trees & Evergreens Dogwood, Pagoda Fir, Balsam Hackberry Hemlock, Canadian Hornbeam, American Hydrangea Ironwood Maple, Red Serviceberry Spruce, Black Spruce, White Shrubs Azalea …

Daylily Terminology

Learn about the terminology of daylilies to better discuss and understand them! Browse the list below and feel free to ask us questions. Bloom Size: The diameter of the open bloom. Blooming Habit: Most daylilies bloom for a single day beginning in the morning and closing in the evening. Diurnal Habit: Normal daylily blooming habit. … [Read More]