Plant Information

Information for all our gardeners and plant enthusiasts. The documents cover everything from plants who live well in shaded areas to the possible salt tolerance of different plants.

Plants for Shady Sites

Trees & Evergreens
Dogwood, Pagoda Fir, Balsam Hackberry Hemlock, Canadian Hornbeam, American Hydrangea Ironwood Maple, Red Serviceberry Spruce, Black Spruce, White
Azalea Burningbush Coralberry Clethra Currant, Alpine Dogwood Honeysuckle Hydrangea Ninebark Privet Rhododendron Snowberry Sumac, Fragrant Witchhazel Winterberry Viburnum Yew
Perennials & Grasses
Ajuga Aralia Astilbe Bleeding Heart Blue Star (Amsonia) Bugbane Columbine Coral Bells False Forget-Me-Not Ferns Foxglove Ginger, Wild Goat’s Beard Golden Forest Grass Globe Flower Heucherella Hosta Jacob’s Ladder Lenten Rose Ligularia Lungwort Meadowrue Phlox, Woodland Spiderwort Turtlehead Woodruff, Sweet Deep Shade

Barrenwort Bergenia Bugbane Ferns False Forget-Me-Not Ginger, Wilde Hosta Lily of the Valley Periwinkle Snow on the Mountain Spurge, Japanese Dry Shade

Ajuga Anemone Barrenwort Bunchberry Coral Bells Ferns Foam Flower Geranium Hosta Lady’s Mantle Lamium Lilyturf Periwinkle Ribbon Grass Solomon’s Seal Spurge, Japanese Toad Lily

Deer Damage to Landscape Plants

Rarely Damaged
Barberry Black Eyed Susan Birch, Paper Blazing Star Blue Star (Amsonia) Boxwood Clethra Cypress, Russian Fern, Japanese Painted Geranium Ginkgo Hydrangea Hyssop, Anise Lamb’s Ear Lavender Monarda Peony Potentilla Rosemary Sage, Russian Spirea Spruce, Colorado Veronica Viburnum, Arrowwood Yarrow
Seldom Severely Damaged
Columbine Dogwood, Redtwig Forsythia Honeylocust Juniper, Chinese Lilac, Common Pine, Austrian Pine, Mugo Pine, Scotch Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Sumac, Fragrant Yew
Occasionally Severely Damaged
Coral Bells Maple, Red Maple, Sugar Serviceberry Witchhazel Cotoneaster Dogwood, Gray Fir, Concolor
Frequently Severely Damaged
Apple Arborvitae Azalea Burningbush Cherry Crabapple Hosta Maple, Norway Plum Redbud Rhododendron Sedum

Rabbit Damage to Landscape Plants

Seldom Damaged
Astilbe Azalea Bleeding Heart Boxwood Columbine Daylily Foxglove Lamium Lily of the Valley Hydrangea Monarda Peony Phlox, Creeping Pine, White Poppy Potentilla Phododendron Rosemary Scabiosa Sea Thrift Spruce Yew
Heavily Damaged
Apples Ash, Mountain Barberry Burningbush Cotoneaster Crabapple Dogwood Lilac, Miss Kim Linden Maple, Red Maple, Sugar Sandcherry, Purpleleaf Serviceberry Sumac Viburnum Willow Witchhazel Yarrow

Susceptibility of Trees to Ice Storm Damage

Coffeetree Ginkgo Hemlock Hornbeam, American Ironwood Linden, Littleleaf Oak, white Oak, Swamp White
Maple, Red Maple, Sugar Oak, Burr Oak, Red Pine, White
Hackberry Honeylocust Linden, American Maple, Silver

Boulevard Trees

Sienna Glen Maple State Street Maple Columnar Norway Maple Spaeth’s Alder Prairie Dream Paper Birch Ginkgo Princeton Sentry Ginkgo Street Keeper Honeylocust True North Kentucky Coffeetree Marilee Flowering Crabapple Tupelo Tower Black Gum American Sentry Linden Boulevard Linden Greenspire Linden

Shrubs for Mass Planting

Cockberry, Black Clethra Dogwood Elder, American Hazelnut Honeysuckle, Dwarf Bush Juniper Spirea, Ashleaf Sumac, Fragrant Sumac, Smooth Sumac, Staghorn

Salt Tolerance of Plants

Evergreens, Trees, and Shrubs
High Tolerance

Barberry Coffeetree Currant, Alpine Forsythia Ginkgo Honeylocust Maple, Norway Oak, Bur Oak, Red Pine, Mugo Potentilla Rose, Rugosa Serviceberry Snowberry Spruce, Colorado Sumac, Fragrant Moderate Tolerance

Arborvitae Aspen Birch Chokeberry, Black Clethra Elm, American Lilac, Common Maple, Amur Pine, Scotch Spirea Sumac, Smooth Viburnum, Arrowwood Low Tolerance

Burningbush Dogwood, Redtwig Hackberry Hornbeam, American Linden, American Maple, Red Maple, Sugar Pine, White Viburnum, American
Perennials & Grasses
High Tolerance

Yarrow Iris, Bearded Fountain Grass Daylily Monarda Hosta Switchgrass

Tolerance of Plants to Poorly Drained Soil

Aster, New England Birch, River Dogwood, Gray Dogwood, Redtwig Fern, Sensitive Larch, American Maple, Freeman Maple, Red Milkweed, Swamp Oak, Swamp White Willow Winterberry
Butterfly Weed Fir Coral Bells Lilac Linden, American Little Bluestem Maple, Sugar Oak, White Pine, White Redbud Sedum

Tolerance of Trees & Shrubs to High pH

Coffeetree Crabapple Ginkgo Hackberry Honeylocust Ironwood Lilac, Japanese Tree Maple, Norway Oak, Burr
Birch, River Clethra Fothergilla Maple, Red Oak, Pin Winterberry

Tolerance of Trees to Restricted Space

Catalpa, Northern Crabapple Ginkgo Hawthorn, Thornless Cockspur Honeylocust Linden, American Maple, Tatarian
Ash, Mountain Cherries Maple, Red Oak Plum Redbud, Eastern Serviceberry