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Hosta 'American Halo'
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Plant Type: Hostas

Hosta ‘American Halo’ forms an impressive mound of corrugated foliage. A large clump of intense blue-green leaves with a very wide, slightly rippled cream margin. The margins start out creamy yellow and age to creamy white. Leaf color blue-green to dark green in the center with a 1 3/4″ wide margin that changes from light greenish yellow to creamy white; leaf blade broadly oblong-ovate, wavy, heavily corrugated and thick-substanced.

Leaf Size: 14″ x 10″

Blooms: Near white in early summer.

Light: Moderate to full shade for best color. — Soil: Rich, moist, well-drained.

Similar and Related Plants: Celestial, Northern Exposure, Northern Halo, Robert Frost


Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Flower Color

White Shades

Foliage Color

Variegated white/Green

Plant Spread


Good Companions

Plant Height


Scape Height


Hardness Zone


Soil Moisture

Characteristics & Attributes


Bloom Time

Early Summer

Critter Resistance


Part to Full Shade

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