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Malus 'Hat Trick'

Plant Type: Fruit Trees

Three outstanding apples on one tree. Budded and grown as an espalier, trained to grow flat against a wall, this apple tree will produce ‘Honeycrisp’ on the bottom, ‘Sweet Sixteen’ in the middle and Zestar!® apples on top. Three different apples that take up no space at all. Easy picking. No other pollinator needed since 3 apple varieties are on one tree.

Height: 16-18′
Spread: 16-18
Exposure: Full Sun
Zone: 4-7

Hat Trick Espalier Apple is a grafted tree in espalier form. This tree is shaped into a 3-tier cordon form. The bottom cordon is the variety Honeycrisp. The middle cordon is the variety Sweet 16. The top cordon is the variety Zestar!®. Being espalier, this tree takes little space width-wise, yet it bears three different types of apples that all ripen in September. A whole month of fresh fruit! Zestar!® will ripen early September, Honeycrisp ripens mid-September and Sweet 16 ripens late-September.

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Growing & Maintenance Tips:

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Dry is better than moist

Characteristics & Attributes


Can be planted up against a wall or building. Three apples varieties on one tree.

Espalier Apples are normally grown against a brick/stone wall or along a fence. They take up little space as only 2 dimensional in form. Avoid planting on North sides of walls or fence due to poor light exposure.

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Part to full sun.

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