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Andropogon gerardii
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Plant Type: Grasses

Big bluestem is a warm-season grass native to the eastern two thirds of the United States. It is found from the mid-western short grass prairies to the coastal plain, where it naturally serves as fuel for periodic fire. This species is large and robust as bluestems go, with mature plants commonly reaching 6 to 8 feet in height. The rhizomes are short and scaly and the color of the leaves varies from light yellow-green to burgundy. The seed head is coarse and not fluffy as in other bluestems. Individual seed heads often have three spikelets that look like a turkey foot.

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Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Flower Color

Purple shades

Foliage Color

Green/purple shades

Plant Spread


Good Companions

Other grasses.

Plant Height


Scape Height


Hardness Zone


Soil Moisture

Average and consistent water needs

Characteristics & Attributes


adapts to any soil type

Bloom Time

Late summer

Critter Resistance



Full sun

Growth Rate


Seasonal Interests