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Dicentra 'King of Hearts'
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Plant Type: Perennials

Astonishing vigor; sun and heat tolerance; bright rose-red, heart-shaped flowers that appear from late spring into fall; and lacy, soft gray-green foliage. Unlike the Common Bleeding Heart, D. 'King of Hearts' will not go dormant in midsummer as long as the soil is kept moist. Rather, it will enchant passersby all season long.

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Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Though this variety can tolerate more sun, Dicentra is most at home in woodland settings. It likes rich, loose soil that is evenly moist but also well-drained. At planting time, add lots of compost, humus, or peat moss to the soil to enhance its water retention capabilities. Plants will not grow well in heavy clay soils. Dicentra should be planted in locations that are protected from high winds and early frosts, such as the edges of woodlands or on the north or east sides of buildings. It may be propagated by division in either spring or fall, and should be done every few years to maintain vigor.

Flower Color


Foliage Color


Plant Spread

12 in.

Good Companions

Astilbe-Hybrid (Astilbe ), Coral Bells (Heuchera ), Foamflower (Tiarella ), Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis sylvatica), Hosta (Hosta ), Lamium (Lamium maculatum), Lungwort (Pulmonaria longifolia), Phlox-Woodland (Phlox divaricata laphamii), Spiderwort (Tradescantia )

Plant Height

8-10 in

Scape Height

Hardness Zone


Soil Moisture

Average and consistent water needs

Characteristics & Attributes


Container, Mass Plant, Cut flower or foliage, Border, Edging

Bloom Time

Late spring into fall

Critter Resistance

Deer resistant


Full to part shade, Full sun

Growth Rate


Seasonal Interests