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Heuchera sanguinea 'Stormy Seas'
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Plant Type: Perennials

'Stormy Seas' is a low-growing perennial with compact form. It has roundish, wavy leaves with scalloped edges and grows to 2 feet tall and spreads almost 18 inches. The magnificently ruffled, somewhat glossy leaves are maroon-purple when young, aging to bronze-green with bright purple undersides. Crimson to coral, bell-shaped flowers set atop wiry stems from June to July contrast well with the rounded foliage. Makes a nice cut flower. Excellent for the shady border in hotter areas, these plants are a natural for rock garden, woodland paths.

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Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Heucheras are easy perennials to grow and fit nicely in the front of any border, rock garden, or container. They grow most vigorously and have the strongest colors when grown in partial shade (preferably afternoon shade). They can also be grown in full shade but their growth rate will be very slow. Some varieties can withstand full sun in northern climates if they have consistent moisture, but their colors tend to fade with the intensity of the sun. The soil should be amended with organic matter prior to planting. It should also have good drainage and a neutral pH. Heucheras are evergreen in areas with mild winters. If properly sited out of the way of winter winds and with reliable snow cover, gardeners in northern regions may also find their Heucheras acting as evergreens. If the plant looks tattered by early spring, shear off any damaged leaves to make room for the vibrant new foliage which will fill in quickly. Heucheras can be grown under Black Walnut trees because they are resistant to the toxin Juglone which the trees emit from their roots. Heucheras are also salt tolerant. They are useful in the north along pathways which are salted in winter or for people gardening in coastal regions. Occasionally in northern regions.

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Plant Spread

24 in.

Good Companions

Brunnera-Heartleaf (Brunnera macrophylla), Corydalis (Corydalis shimienensis), Fern-Japanese Painted (Athyrium niponicum), Foamflower (Tiarella ), Ginger-Chinese Wild (Asarum splendens), Grass-Ornamental (Carex morrowii), Hosta (Hosta )

Plant Height

12 in.

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Characteristics & Attributes


Edging, Container, Salt tolerant, Evergreen , Cut flower or foliage, Specimen, Border, Mass Plant

Bloom Time

Late Spring to Early Summer

Critter Resistance

Deer resistant


Part Shade , Full shade , Part sun, Full sun

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