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Gerbera jamesonii (spider series)
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Plant Type: Annuals

All color mix of spider flower type, unusual novelty, consistently large flowers, multiple blooms at any time, early, one of the easiest, best pot items, popular on any holidays.

Gerbera flowers come in vibrant colors adding beauty to your garden. It has around 40 species spreading from Africa across to Madagascar into tropical Asia and South America. Gerbera are plants with a height up to 18 to 24 inch and 4 to 10 inch diameter flowers. There will be more than ten leaves in a plant, medium green in color spread out in a circle parallel to the ground. These plants can be planted in gardens, mixed containers and pots. Its cut flowers
last long and gives color and beauty to any room. There are many hybrids that come in white, cream, yellow, orange-pink, purple or violet. These plants are usually grown in greenhouses and are used for cut flowers. Gerbera flowers all year round.

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Growing & Maintenance Tips:

For best results the plants need a liberal amount of sun and water. Half day of direct sun and half day of partial shade and remaining slightly moist at all times is ideal. High source of light can give an abundance of flowers. Healthy Gerberas are rarely bothered by pests. Fungus and stem rot is a common problem with over watered plants. Remove old leaves regularly to prevent fungus infections.

Flower Color


Foliage Color


Plant Spread

18 - 24

Good Companions

Other annuals

Plant Height

18 - 24

Scape Height

Hardness Zone


Soil Moisture

Mostly moist. No standing water. Fertilize well.

Characteristics & Attributes


Very large flower

Bloom Time

All summer. Plant can be taken in the house during the winter. Place in a sunny window for flowers.

Critter Resistance


Full to part sun.

Growth Rate


Seasonal Interests

spring, summer, fall