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Thymus variegata
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Plant Type: Perennials

A variegated form of lemon thyme with golden-edged leaves, it is colorful and surprisingly fragrant of lemons. The variegation is less pronounced during the hot, sunny days of summer. Space on 18 to 24-inch centers. Lemon thyme is particularly good for fish and chicken. An upright, bushy growing habit with bright green leaves. Highly recommended!
Fragrant herb used in cooking. An evergreen perennial low growing herb that will take light foot traffic.

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Growing & Maintenance Tips:

It is rarely taller than six or eight inches. Though small in stature, it is capable of considerable spread, & can even become a little weedy if it greatly loves its location. It can be restrained by harvesting it for the table, & is very amenable to being sheered for shape. If it is not harvested for its herbal value, it should nevertheless be sheered toward the end of winter so that its spring regrowth comes in perfectly renewed.

Flower Color

Lavendar -pink

Foliage Color

Green with yellow edging

Plant Spread

Good Companions

Plant Height

6-8 in.

Scape Height

Hardness Zone

Soil Moisture

Characteristics & Attributes


Besides being an ornamental beauty, it is a first rate culinary thyme, the leaves tasting as great as they smell. It is often recommended for baked fish, in marinades, fried veggies, fruit salad, custards, and in just about anything that would call for a bit of lemon.

Bloom Time

June and July

Critter Resistance


Full sun to part shade

Growth Rate

Seasonal Interests