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Lonicera japonica 'Halliana'
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Plant Type: Vines

Honeysuckle vines are easy to grow, vigorous, heat-tolerant, and nearly indestructible. The flashy and fragrant flowers will attract hummingbirds and butterflies all summer long. The resulting fruit of the Honeysuckle flower will provide a fall treat for your local songbirds as well. There are many varieties of Honeysuckle which are suited to a variety of applications. The most common use is to allow it to grow along a trellis, fence, or other framework, but it can also be grown as a ground cover or used for erosion control. The vines will bloom heavily in spring and to some extent throughout the summer. Many honeysuckles will thrive in containers as well. Pale yellow flowers bloom all summer.

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Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Honeysuckle prefers full sun, but will tolerate partial sun, and even some light, afternoon shade. Once established, Honeysuckle needs only moderate watering, unless the summer is very dry.

Flower Color

Pale yellow

Foliage Color

Plant Spread

Good Companions

Plant Height

20-30 ft.

Scape Height

Hardness Zone


Soil Moisture

Moderate water needs

Characteristics & Attributes


Fragrant flowers, Drought tolerant

Bloom Time

Blooms repeatedly

Critter Resistance


Full sun

Growth Rate

Seasonal Interests