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Hydrangea 'Bella Anna'
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Plant Type: Deciduous Shrubs

Bella Anna features large, peppy pink blooms. It is easy to grow, and easy to enjoy. Even harsh winter weather or severe pruning is not a problem for Bella Anna. This hardy, reliable hydrangea keeps blooming all from early summer through fall, with minimal care. Bella Anna originates from a hydrangea native to America, and this makes it a fine choice for attracting bees, butterflies, and birds to your natural setting. A vigorous grower that loves the shade, Bella Anna will transform dark garden recesses to vibrant focal points in your garden.

Newest edition to the Endless Summer collection!

Say hello to Bella Anna, the newest addition to the Endless Summer Collection™, a remarkable reblooming magenta-pink Hydrangea Arborescens (‘Annabelle’).

This hydrangea is a color breakthrough for Hydrangea arborescens and the newest addition to the Endless Summer® Collection. This arborescens blooms from summer, through fall, just like the other hydrangeas in this extraordinary collection.

Bella Anna features a strong stem to support the weight of the beautiful magenta-pink blooms, ensuring each one stands tall and proud.

Over 50 ‘Annabelles’ were painstakingly tested, before discovering one great enough to be inducted into the Endless Summer Collection. Like the rest of the Endless Summer Collection, Bella Anna is easy to grow and performs effortlessly.

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