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Pulmonaria 'Majeste'
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Plant Type: Perennials

This Lungwort hybrid is more valued for its attractive foliage than its flowers. Features basal clumps of large silvery-gray leaves (to 6" long) with a very narrow green edging. Drooping clusters of bluish-pink, funnel-shaped flowers bloom on short stalks just above the foliage in spring. Foliage mound typically grows to 10" tall and can spread over time to as much as 2' wide.

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Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soils in part shade to full shade. Prefers cool, organically rich, humusy soils that are kept consistently moist. Soils must not be allowed to dry out. Intolerant of wet, poorly drained soils however. Spreads very slowly by creeping roots, but is not invasive. Divide plants in fall if they become overcrowded.

Flower Color

Bluish pink

Foliage Color


Plant Spread

12-18 in.

Good Companions

Plant Height

6-12 in.

Scape Height

Hardness Zone


Soil Moisture

Medium water needs

Characteristics & Attributes


Mass plant , Ground cover, Woodland or shade gardens, Borders, Shaded areas in rock gardens, Edging plant for shaded areas , Has showy flowers, Colorful foliage

Bloom Time

Early spring to spring

Critter Resistance


Part to full shade

Growth Rate

Seasonal Interests