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Acer x freemani 'Celzam'

Plant Type: Deciduous Trees

This Freemanii hybrid combines the advantages of both Silver and Red Maple: rapid growth, drought tolerance, great fall color, and the ability to grow in most soils. A vigorous grower in youth, it has strong crotch angles, does well in sun or shade, and is seedless. The dense, disease resistant foliage shows its fall color in September with a cast of red turning to gold. A good street tree. Celebration Maples have a top notch color display, with little red flowers appearing in April, followed by vibrant green leaves that blaze from bright red down to gold, starting in early Autumn. Their branches have a convenient habit of naturally maintaining a neat upright pyramid that does not require pruning to keep in shape. Even though their growth habit is upright, the crotch angles (between the branches and the trunk) are wide, which means that they are not likely to break under pressure from strong wind or loads of snow. They also develop good central leading stems and most trees will not need intervention on your part to remove a twin leader that may cause problems later on. Their low maintenance requirements and autumn glory also make the Celebration Maple an ideal focal point for a large garden.

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Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Flower Color

Foliage Color

Red turning to gold in fall

Plant Spread

45 ft. high x 20-25 ft. wide

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