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Hosta 'Northern Exposure'
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Plant Type: Hostas

Large blue-green leaves are edged in chartreuse and acquire a puckered texture with age.

This variegated sport of H. Sieboldiana Elegans offers a very wide yellow-green-to-cream margin on large, flat, blue-green leaves. A fine source of cool tones for the shady garden,

The plant is 32 to 36 inches tall and about 30 to 36 inches wide, with large, heart-shaped leaves of icy blue-green. The margins are generous and jagged, beginning chartreuse at the edges but tending toward cream as they join the blue. Very showy!

Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Flower Color

Creamy white

Foliage Color

Variegated , Cream , Yellow , Blue Green

Plant Spread


Good Companions

Other hosta and shade loving plants

Plant Height


Scape Height

Hardness Zone


Soil Moisture

Rich, organic, moist soil.

Characteristics & Attributes


Bloom Time


Critter Resistance

Resistance to slugs, rabbits, and deer.


Shade to Part Shade

Growth Rate


Seasonal Interests