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Pyrus 'Summercrisp'
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Plant Type: Fruit Trees

The Summercrisp Pear, Pyrus 'Summercrisp', has been recognized for many years as the hardiest pear from the University of Minnesota, released in 1985. It is free of fireblight and an annual bearer. Summercrisp fruit is pyriform in shape, 2 1/2" to 3" in diameter and 2 1/2" to 3" long. It blooms early in May. The fruit should be harvested in mid-August when crisp and still green with a red blush. When harvested at this time, the fruit is sweet and crisp, and may be stored up to 2 months. Use either Parker or Patten as a pollinator. Plant about a month after the first killing frost in the fall or about a month before the last killing frost in the spring. Select a planting site that has good air, drainage, full sunlight and deep, well drained soil.


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