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Hydrangea paniculata 'Pinky Winky'
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Plant Type: Deciduous Shrubs

A commanding presence in the summer and fall garden, Pinky Winky is a exceptional new cold-hardy Hydrangea paniculata bearing whopping two-toned white and pink flowers! The 12- to 16-inch long flower heads emerge white, deepening to pink as they age, giving it a pink to white gradient effect from the bottom up! The blooms continue to grow as the season progresses and kept upright on strong, striking red stems that hold them aloft without drooping. It blooms in mid-summer, earlier than other paniculatas that delay their blooms until late summer or even early fall, but its flowers remain striking well into cool weather. Best of all, it blooms reliably and with rich pink color regardless of cold temperatures, soil pH, or pruning.

Included in a mixed perennial border, Pinky Winky complements other colors beautifully, but planted as a hedge or large grouping, it’s absolutely magnificent! It can be easily maintained as a more compact plant through pruning or training into a tree form or allow it to spread out in full glory to an impressive 8 feet tall and wide! Provide part shade.


Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Flower Color

pink and white

Foliage Color

Dark green

Plant Spread

6 - 8 ft. wide and high

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