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Prunus 'Stanley Prune'

Plant Type: Fruit Trees

The Stanley Prune has large, sweet, juicy flesh. The dark blue skin enfolds delicious, greenish-yellow meaty flesh. It is a freestone. The Stanley Prune is late blooming, extremely cold hardy and reliable. Harvest is late summer. It needs a pollinator and is a heavy producer.
Late season blooming, European plum. Medium sized, dark blue fruit is harvested late season; early September. Yellowish-green, firm, tender flesh has a rich, sweet flavor. Good for fresh eating, baking, canning, jelly and dried. Heavy, annual producer. Self-fertile, but yields more abundantly when pollinated with another variety. Large, vigorous tree.


Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Many plums need cross-pollination from specific varieties to set adequate crops. Such requirements will be included in the variety descriptions. Santa Rosa is one of the most versatile pollinizers.

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8 - 12 ft.

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