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Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Sky'
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Plant Type: Grasses

Prairie Sky is an excellent ornamental grass for desert landscapes.The one-inch wide, blue leaves provide a striking color contrast withgreen or silver foliage. Prairie Sky grows to about 4-5 feet tall andwide. It sometimes exhibits a floppy form in wetter habitats. In latesummer, profuse, airy light silvery-pink flower spikes create a mistycloud above the foliage, drying to tan in the fall. Clump forming.


Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Flower Color

Silvery pink

Foliage Color


Plant Spread

2-3 ft.

Good Companions


Plant Height

4-5 ft.

Scape Height

Hardness Zone


Soil Moisture

Average water needs

Characteristics & Attributes


Accent, Border

Bloom Time


Critter Resistance


Full sun

Growth Rate

Seasonal Interests