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Rubus 'Cumberland'
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Plant Type: Fruits

Summer bearing. Large, firm, round, juicy, black berries harvested mid-season; mid-July through September. Considered the sweetest and most delicious of all raspberry cultivars. Sweet, rich taste excellent for freezing, canning, jam, jelly, sauce, syrup, preserves and baking. Is not seedy. Vigorous, strong, upright, heavy rooted canes. Good yield in any soil. Grows well in shade. A popular black raspberry, self-pollinating.

TheCumberland Raspberry, Rubus idaeus ‘Cumberland’, a spring plantedherbacious root, is the classic name in everbearing raspberries. Thisblue-black variety produces large juicy sweet berries with very fewseeds. Cumberland raspberries freeze very well. Place the CumberlandRaspberry in full sun and rich, well drained soil. To encourage thebest growth, water well during growth.

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