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Paeonia suffruticosa 'Taiyo'
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Plant Type: Peonies

Taiyo has very large semi-double flowers with bright, royal ruby-red petals that are often curled. The vigorous and good sized plants also have divided and lobed leaves. Early bloom time.
Tree Peonies, are loved by everyone who has ever seen them in bloom. A deciduous shrub, not a tree, the Tree Peony has woody stems. A mature shrub produces many huge, long-lasting, silken blooms which delight the eye. The showy flowers are 6-10" across growing on woody stems. The tree is slow growing and best in partial shade since the flowers tend to fade in full sun. Excellent in borders as specimens or in groups. Also effective as accents or hedges along fences, sidewalks, driveways or walls. Flowers are extremely showy, and foliage remains attractive throughout the growing season, either alone or as a frame or backdrop for other flowering plants.

With flowers two to three times as large as regular peonies, the tree peonies also form small "trees", and in most climates don't die down to the ground each winter like their herbaceous cousins. Medium green foliage is deeply divided into oval to lance-shaped leaflets and remains attractive throughout the growing season.

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Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Tree Peonies prefer evenly moist, well-drained soil with a pH close to neutral. If your soil is extremely acid, add some lime when planting. Remove deadwood after the plants leaf out in spring and remove spent flowers. Tree Peonies usually take 2-3 years to become established and bloom heavily. In a mild climate, a tree peony will reach shrub-like size up to about 4-5 feet is several years. In very cold climates, it will attain full height at about only 2-3 feet. But in either case, the form is fine and the plant is handsome throughout the growing season. No pruning is required, except to cut out dead wood or suckers in early spring. If plants become leggy, a moderate pruning in early fall can be done to shape plant and encourage additional growth on the lower part of the plant. Remove spent flowers after bloom. These long-lived plants usually take several years to establish, and are best left undisturbed once planted.

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Red with yellow center

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3-6 ft. high

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