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Helictotrichon sempervirens
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Plant Type: Grasses

Same as Helictotrichon but cultivar can be of a bluer color. Clump forming, wiry, vivid blue-gray leaves radiates out from the center to form a bristling round dome of foliage to 2 feet tall (like a form of a large pincushion). Moderately drought tolerant. Use a stiff rake annually to remove old foliage. Interesting companion plantings are Russian Sage and Sedum 'Ruby Glow' or 'Autumn Joy'. The panicles are white to beige and are borne on tall stems (sparse flowing in hot/humid weather). Plants growing in excessive shade make weak growth and have an open habit.


Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Full sun or light shade; fertile, moist soil; grows in a wide range of soil; good drainage is essential.
Helictotrichon is a neutral grass. Evergreen or neutral grasses are usually plants that look like grasses but aren't actually classified as grasses, they are generally called grass-like plants.
Divide evergreen or neutral grasses and grass-like plants in spring only.
Evergreen grasses don't ever go dormant. Dividing plants wounds them to some degree. For evergreen grasses this wounding will really affect their ability to live through the winter.

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