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Dichondra, 'Silver Falls'
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Plant Type: Annuals

Let your hanging baskets and sunny annual bed really gleam this year with Silver Falls, the stunning foliage plant that sports velvety-soft silvery leaves, glistening silver stems, and a “never-say-quit”cascading habit that spreads up to 6 feet!

Vigorous and easy to grow, this Dichondra is simply one of the showiest accents around for all your containers and bare garden spots. Its leaves have a thick,super-soft texture and neat fan shape, measuring about 3/4- to 1-inch long and wide. They arise profusely on very well-branched plants that need no pinching. Before you know it, this cascading beauty will be 3to 6 feet long, though never more than about 3 inches tall!

Very heat- and drought-tolerant, Silver Falls recovers quickly even if wilted, and looks fresh all season long. Let it tumble around your Lisianthus, festoon your Dianthus, and wreathe your Mums in spring-through-fall color!

Silver Falls thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. If you are using it as a ground cover in the garden, make sure that the soil doesn’t get soggy underneath its glorious silver carpet!

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3 - 6 ft. long

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3" tall

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