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Fragaria x ananassa
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Plant Type: Fruits

Strawberries are members of the Rose family. They are herbaceous perennials, although they tend to decline a bit faster in the Deep South, where they are usually treated as annuals. A well-maintained, disease-free crop can grow well for three to four years, after which the quality and yield decline. Many improvements have been made with the Strawberry. Hybrids have been developed that yield larger crops and produce larger berries, which last longer. Some of the wild berries are so delicate, that they should be eaten as soon as they are picked.  These are being replaced by cultivars that taste good even in the near ripe, firm stage seen in the grocery stores. It is important to choose a variety that is suited to your climate and resistant to the diseases common in your area. Strawberry hybrids vary in the timing and duration of their crops according to the number of hours of sunlight they receive at different times of the year.

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