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Hosta 'Talking Point'
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Plant Type: Hostas

Narrow, pointed leaves over 13 inches long that often flare up along the edges toward the end of the leaf. Blue leaves in spring turn a dark green in summer. Backs of leaves are white. Forms a starburst shaped clump. Leaves of good substance. Soft lavender flowers in late summer. Matures 18 inches tall and 34 inches wide. Zones 3-9.

This new introduction from Doug Beilstein is sure to be a point of discussion in your garden. The lance shaped leaves are powder blue with lots of vein pairs. The moderately folded and pointed leaves point downward to create an eye-catching and attractive mound.

Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Flower Color

Soft lavender

Foliage Color

Blue in spring, turning dark green in summer.

Plant Spread


Good Companions

Other shade loving plants.

Plant Height


Scape Height


Hardness Zone


Soil Moisture

Moist and highly organic

Characteristics & Attributes


Back of leaves are white.
Displays a "center out" arrangement of leaves that are ovate at the base narrowing half way out where they start to fold inward while coming to a point.
Long and narrow blue-green pointed leaves.

Bloom Time

Mid summer

Critter Resistance



Part to full shade

Growth Rate


Seasonal Interests