Go Back Water Hyacinth

Eichornia crassipes

Plant Type: Water Gardening

Attractive lilac-blue flowers that are 2-3 inches and very attractive. Leaves are held upright so they act like sails.


Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Plants double every 12 days.

They will shut down if the night time temp is under 45 degrees. They do appreciate fertilizer, but outside of your pond.

Set them in a 5-gallon bucket or other container w/water and fertilizer over night. Then put them back in your pond.

Flower Color

Foliage Color

Plant Spread

10-15 in.

Good Companions

Plant Height

4-6 in.

Scape Height

Hardness Zone


Soil Moisture

Roots need to be submerged. Allow the plant to float on the water surface. Hungry fish might eat roots. Prefer calm water.

Characteristics & Attributes


Container, Focal Point, Bog or Water Garden

Bloom Time

All summer

Critter Resistance


Full Sun

Growth Rate

Fast, especially in July, August and September

Seasonal Interests

All summer