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Hosta 'WiFi'
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Plant Type: Hostas

A medium/large hosta with round, rippled leaves. Leaves start as blue then turn dark green as the season progresses. In addition, ‘WiFi’ is a great grower.

Medium/Large clump of rounded, blue leaves that will turn dark green as the season goes on. Nice corrugation, rippled edges and great substance makes this a very unique and stately hosta. You won’t have any ‘trouble accessing this WiFi’ as it is a great grower. Thank you to Jeff and Marie White for letting us sell this great hosta! Hosta ‘WiFi’ – (Jeff & Marie White)

Originated by Jeff & Marie White of Iowa, this non-registered, medium to large size cultivar is a seedling of H. ‘Slick Willie’ × H. ‘Elegans’. It is a blue-green hosta which turns to dark green later in the season. The foliage has moderate corrugation, slightly wavy edges and heavy substance.


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