Age of Gold


From renowned Hosta breeder Hans Hansen comes a new large gold hosta. With golden yellow leaves, this is the perfect specimen for making a statement in the shade with its upright spreading habit and large smooth leaves. In midsummer, near white, tubular flowers appear with a very faint pale lavender central pattern on the interior petals. Plant in morning sun or filtered shade for best yellow color.

Hosta 'Age of Gold' is the latest creation from Hans Hansen of Walters Gardens. Hosta 'Age of Gold' forms a giant clump, 2' tall x 5' wide of large, round, corrugated leaves...looking like someone placed the sun in your woodland garden. Hosta 'Age of Gold' is sure to become an industry standard for giant gold hostas. The clumps are topped with attractive white flowers on 4' tall stalks in midsummer.