NY 35 Bonkers Apple


NY 35 is a Liberty and Red Delicious cross that ripens after Red Delicious with a very large, dark red fruit.

This is a hardy, high-vigor tree that crops reliably and has excellent disease resistance–no control is needed for scab.

Michael Phillips eventually named it Bonkers, which really is a perfect name for these wonky, delicious apples. He writes about this variety: "I have not seen one speck of scab on a single apple. . . . Flavor-wise, I describe Bonkers (= NY 35) as having a proper amount of 'puck' with juice and complexity part of the mix. It is that 'smooth acidity' that makes you feel you're eating a righteous apple. It tastes good picked just a tad early and really picks up those Empire fruity overtones when left to fully tree ripen."

Potted price: $115.95.