Brother Stefan Hosta

Plant Type: Hosta


Beautiful gold-centered leaves are framed by a wide medium green border. In spring a glaucous waxy coating makes the green margin look more blue and the center more chartreuse. Slug-resistant thick leaves have great substance and are nicely corrugated. Clump can reach 3' across and is topped with white flowers in late spring. The margin size varies between .50" to 3."

Described by many as the most spectacular hosta they have ever seen! Thick, heavily corrugated and puckered leaves are green with a brilliant gold center. In spring, the margin may have a waxy coating making it appear more blue, and the center may be more chartreuse. Thick leaves exhibit slug resistance. It forms a wide, tall clump, making it the perfect focal point for a shade garden. Near-white flowers sit just above the foliage in late spring or early summer. Named by hybridizer Olga Petryszyn for her brother on his birthday.