Brutus Hosta


Very Large: 36” high, upright mound of heavily rippled, dark green foliage; leaves 16” by 13”.

The large leaves are shiny, dark green with a heavily rippled margin and are held flat with a bit of a downward cup, forming a very large clump.

Blooms: Medium purple flowers bloom in late July and August.

Comments: This hybrid of Hosta 'Sea Drift' x Hosta venusta has excellent piecrust edged leaves and forms a very impressive clump.

Light: Part shade to full shade. -- Soil: Humus-rich, moist soil.

Zones: 2 - 8

Hosta 'Brutus'. A seedling of ('Sea Drift' x H. venusta) that matures into a very large mound of unruly dark green foliage. The huge pointy leaves are corrugated with wavy margins, each leaf measures 16" long x 13" wide. Flower scapes tower 4 feet tall. A great name for a great hosta. (Beilstein 2007)