Deja Blue Hosta


Small [10" tall x 18" wide]. Light lavender flowers appear mid season.

Hosta "Deja Blue" is a fantastic sport of "Blue Boy". Blue-green leaveswith a yellow margin and a creamy white lightning bolt that dancesbetween the edge and the center. Spectacular! Making its world premierein 2006 it is sure to become a classic. Forms green seed pods.

Hostas grow well in USDA Hardiness Zones 3-9. Hosta prefer a partly shady to mostly shady location. Our hostaare shipped potted and growing in deep 3" pots, allowingour plants to arrive to youwith minimal stress.Planting is very easy and can be done at your convenience, unlike bare roots that need to be planted immediately. Our 2-3 yearoldplants are of blooming size and are well rooted.They have been over-wintered here in the upper Midwest to ensure strength and hardiness.