Etched Glass


There are hostas, and then there's 'Etched Glass'. This hosta brings style and refinement to your hosta garden. The sport of 'Stained Glass' has wider margins and thicker leaves than the parent. Very wide, dark green margins contrast with a bright, brilliant yellow margin. Between the margin and the center is a light green pattern. Margins have puckering when the plant is mature. Very large and fragrant, near-white flowers appear in late summer.

The SHADOWLAND® Trademark is owned by Walters Gardens, Inc.

A Hans Hansen selected mutation of his earlier introduction, Hosta 'Stained Glass'. This oddity has extremely thick leaves, most likely due to some excess chromosomes. The result is corrugated patches in the leaf, which gives it a unique three dimensional texture. The glossy green 8" long x 6" wide leaves and wide golden edge are still the same, along with the insanely fragrant light lavender flowers on 2' tall stalks in mid summer. Hosta 'Etched Glass' forms a 15" tall x 32" wide clump that is sure to be an attention getter in the garden.