Fire King Daylily


5.5", brilliant orange, heavily ruffled, recurved petals display a slightly darker red-orange halo.» Golden yellow-orange throat and matching stamens.» Flowers are held atop strong, straight,well-branched scapes.» Lots of buds ensure many weeks of blooms.»Blooms in midsummer.» Nocturnal--tomorrow's blossoms open during the evening prior.» Flowers last at least 16 hours each.» A dramatic improvement over» older orange daylilies, this large flowered selection sets the garden ablaze in color.» Dormant foliage.» Tetraploid.» This is considered a "Designer" daylily, which means that it has been selected as highly performing plant with exceptional bloom performance,substantive, vibrantly colored flowers, complete winter hardiness in northern zones, and a vigorous habit.