Garden Show Daylily

Plant Type: Daylily


One of the best daylilies in its color class!  Putting on a terrific show in the garden, this daylily produces loads of large 6", shimmering diamond dusted, lavender mauve flowers with a prominent citron yellow throat and matching purple stamens.  Ruffled, recurved tepals open wide and flat revealing the triangular flower form. 

This daylily is highly fragrant; its delightful perfume is noticeable from several feet away.  We like how compact and well-proportioned this daylily is, with its large flowers appearing just at the top of the foliage instead of on tall, willowy scapes like some large flowered daylilies.  The well-branched and budded scapes appear first in midseason and then again later in the season when it reblooms. 

Dormant diploid.