Hakama Souvenir Hosta


This hosta was a souvenir that Bob Solberg brought home from Japan. This is a rare form os sieboldiana, and was found growing in the wile at Hakama Rock. It has displays of narrow blue-green leaves which arch and fold towards the ground. It is rare, and a nice addition to unique collections. Color is blue/green. Large size, and rare.

Description form Green Hill Hostas: (H. Abe, Solberg 2021) (Selection of species from the wild at Hakama Rock) Large.  Here is another souvenir from Japan to add to your collection! This large plant was collected in the wilds of Japan at Hakama Rock. This rare form of H. sieboldiana has narrow blue, green leaves with arching foliage. The leaves also have 18 vein pairs. This surprisingly vigorous grower is a perfect addition to any hybridizing program or shade garden.