Lakeside Black Satin Hosta


Lakeside Black Satin is a hybrid of Hosta Ventricosa, It is called so because of its smooth, black-green foliage that has a satin-like sheen. A mound of these scalloped, heart-shaped leaves can grow up to a height of 22" and have a spread of 48". The black-green leaves are about 10" long and usually have a width of about 9". The Lakeside Black Satin Hostas bloom bell-shaped, dark-purple flowers on 26" scapes towards mid to late summer.

This variety of hosta still owes its popularity to its dark foliage that can be arranged with other varieties of hostas or plants to produce a cool contrasting effect. The Lakeside Black Satin Hosta is resistant to slugs and prefers shaded spots. It can even thrive and grow well in fully-shaded places.