Primal Scream Daylily

Plant Type: Daylily


One of the most sought-after daylilies available today.  Winner of the 2003 Stout Medal (the highest honor a daylily can receive).

If you're looking for the WOW factor in daylilies, you found it here with 'Primal Scream'.  Nothing comes close to the spectacular 7-8 inch, glimmering tangerine orange, gold dusted blossoms and green throat of this selection.

Officially classified as "unusual form", the tepals are narrow, twisted, and recurved with loosely ruffled edges.  These gigantic blossoms are presented in midsummer on tall, graceful, willowy scapes above the attractive arching foliage.

With such a distinctive presence, 'Primal Scream' is sure to steal the show in the garden when it is in bloom.

Dormant tetraploid.

'Primal Scream' has been selected by gardening expert P. Allen Smith for his Platinum Collection.  Here is what P. Allen has to say about this fabulous plant:

"Appropriately named.  A color with the ability to arrest your attention. This is the 'mother of orange' a riot inciting daylily if there was ever one. Splendid with any flower that can withstand this daylily's scream."