Rich and Handsome Daylily


Description credit to Floyd Cove Nursery:

RICH & HANDSOME (Pierce G.) 1321 (Beyond Pluto x Born To Be Wild) EV, EM, 42” tall, 6” flower, 8 way branching, 55-60 buds, Multi Rebloom

Now here is a daylily that never has a bad hair day, and looks great bloom after bloom. Mr. Handsome does shift a bit from early cool spring where the patterned eye in strongly on the blue side with a triple edge. Later and on rebloom, you see more of his wild side. The patterned blue eye, which is ribbed/sculpted lightens a bit, and the outer gold in the Triple Colored Edge becomes twice as thick and the bubbles and knobs sparkle intensely… Gorgeous! Or as he likes to be called RICH & HANDSOME. Weather you’re into big Edges, Patterns, or Something else… RICH & HANDSOME will make your day, or night. A strong and healthy grower.