Sassy Sapphire Daylily


Description credit to Floyd Cove Nursery:

SASSY SAPPHIRE G. Pierce 419-K (Diamond Shores x Pistachio Moon) x Guy’s Outrageous DOR EE RE 28” high 7.5” flower 5 way branching, 30 buds, fragrant thick substance with 100% diamond dusted. With 3 separate doses of Tet Rose F. Kennedy there is some serious and solid GREEN in SASSY SAPPHIRE! Always flat, always perfect. The hotter the temps, more green ripens. SASSY SAPPHIRE definitely got the big bubbly yellow green edging. The petal color is the coolest light blue/pink/orchid with 100% Diamond Dusted. The throat or middle area – Well, you’re going to want to touch it AND Squeeze it! Green Sepals Too!