Smash Hit Hosta


This stylish hosta will grow up to be fourteen inches high and twenty-four inches wide. The leaves are seven inches long and five inches wide. They have a golden yellow center with a wide dark green margin.

Sport of 'Orange Marmalade' with wider margins and thicker foliage. Leaves emerge blue-green with a nice gold center. As the season progresses the leaves turn more green and the leaf center lightens.

As the leaf center lightens to creamy white there are streaks of orange-gold that form in between the leaf center and green margin. Colors are more dramatic in a bright location. The leaf center will turn pure white with light green streaks in grown in a lot of sun. Pale lavender flowers in summer.

(M. Zilis 2012). Medium Hosta Cultivar. Color: Dark green with gold center. Size: 14" tall by 24" wide. Type: Medium Hosta